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A Planet of Women - A World

of High Heels.

The legs look immediately much

longer and slimmer in sexy high heels.

The height gained in addition also

influences the rest of the appearance.

The pelvis tilts forward, the back falls

slightly into the hollow back and

stretches the bottom out. The walk

appears more swinging and feminine.

The steps become smaller and more

careful. And the looks of the men are

clearly more offensive.

They are also uncomfortable, in good quality not really cheap and actually totally impractical. Nevertheless we wear them. What makes high heels sexy and controversial at the same time? On the traces of an honest love-hate relationship. There are  “PRO and CONTRA” voices.


3 billion women on our planet can’t be wrong

Extreme Heels, Stilettos, Killer-Heel, Latino Heel, Pumps, Cone Heel, Funnel Heel, Sandals, Kitten Heels, Ankle Boots, Peep Toes etc., each of these Heels makes the the appearance of a woman more attractive, more desirable….. This type of shoe runs like a red thread through all levels of society, from the queen of a country, politicians, film actresses, to put it simple, right through our entire population. They have all one thing in common: this shoe makes a woman more feminine, more attractive and enhances her overall appearance. Every survey has shown that men in particular find these beautiful, attractive women more sexy than in normal sneakers. At every ball, wedding, party or celebration, these shoes are worn with preference. The height of a spiked heel in a high heel shoe can determine whether a man is more helpful to a woman. It is certainly less about the shoes, but more about the fact that a woman has longer legs. But the shoes also change a woman’s gait and posture. Whether stilettos, wedges or block heels, high heels increase the female quality of life, visual at least.

Either way, high heels make men hot. And women know that.

The fun, joy and pride of the high heel wearer

              can be destroyed in seconds

By a very simple reason/event: The heel is broken, scratched, torn, torn leather or material, simply broken! To prevent this there is a a very small “gadget” a small “accessory” the “diamond” for the high heel shoe, actually more or less the Robin Hood for high heels, the rescuer, the safe guard, the protector “the HIGH HEEL PROTECTOR” for all high heels  of the world.
It happened: And then follows the Disappointment Broken shoes     Damaged heels Trouble-Distress-Stress  It’s  this special night:  your big entrance, all eyes are on you. And you want to wear them - your super stylish high heels.  They match your look perfectly: sexy, confident, flamboyant. You feel…. the envious looks and know The night is yours.  Your shoe - your style.  you decide who YOU want to be.  You are aware: High Heels extend optically the leg and high-heeled shoes value every Outfit on. There we have the solution, the rescue, the simple help in seconds in the form of the  “HIGHHEELDOC” This HIGH-TECH protection “High Heel Protector”, heel protection and heel protector, proven for 30 years brings rescue in seconds.  Three simple steps: 1. Measurement 2. Cut to size (scissors) 3. Attaching by heat (Hair dryer)  In minutes:  it could not be simpler. A high/tech product for women.  A helper  in need. You can use it to protect, preserve, conceal, repair, definitely save your evening,  and your heels/shoes.


The  “Highheeldoc”  is not an eye~catcher,  because it is almost invisible on the heel. Easy to apply, easy to remove without a trace, these are the unbeatable features of this product.
We concentrate fully on the product and its positive characteristics. On best service and customer satisfaction. For us it is more important how it works and fulfills its purpose perfectly, rather than giving it a fantasy name. Fore more than 30 Years this product, the  “HIGHHEELDOC”  has proven its value, day after day, permanently until now. If you are ill, go to the doctor, if your shoes are broken, scratched, damaged, you need the  “HIGHHEELDOC”


The perfect “High Heel Protector”

        Heel protection and heel savers

                  the “HIGHHEELDOC”

 The protector is also available in almost all common sizes for high heels, from stilettos 5-6 mm heel diameter, pumps, sandals,  kitten heels, ankle boots, peep toes, high heels etc., to also for somewhat thicker heels up to 22mm. Colours: Transparent and black.