Wholesale Inquiries / Retailer & Wholesaler We are always looking for independent partners in all EU countries and worldwide. If you are interested in earning some extra cash and need more information about our wholesale program, please feel free to contact us. We are looking for new members to strengthen of our sales and promotion team. We offer a lucrative income or auxiliary earning. We would like to engage serious, dynamic ladies for the independent direct-sale of our unique product. Interested persons should have experience with direct marketing or house-to-house sale/distribution. This can also include privately held sale-parties. Female team-leaders are welcome. Your qualification:  Enjoy working with other ladies who have a similar interest: a love for exquisite high-heel shoes. If you are interested: please contact us per mail or phone: +49-5194-4185068 Mailing Address:                                    Delivery Address: Bolte & Associates   Bolte & Associates P.O. Box 1112   Voigtshof 6 29644 Bispingen   29646 Bispingen Germany   Germany Tel: +49 - 5194-4185068   Tel: +49 - 5194-4185068 Fax:+49 - 5194-4189068                      Fax:+49 - 5194-4189068 Email: info@highheeldoc.de             Email: info@highheeldoc.de  


Bolte & Associates

Dept. Highheeldoc Postfach 11 12 Bispingen Bundesland 29644 Germany t: +49 5194 4185068 f: +49 5194 4189068 E: info@highheeldoc.de www.highheeldoc.de
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